In the year 2197, Winnipeg is one of the last truly habitable places on Earth after centuries of climate change. Rising seas have destroyed most major cities, and disease has ravaged the planet, both people and plant-life alike.

A mad genius has discovered a way to cut the Gordion knot humanity has entangled itself in: time-travel. But his invention only allows for a one way ticket… back.

Seventeen-year-old Claire Bellamy doesn’t particularly want to go back in time to the mid-twentieth century, but her family has finally decided to evacuate the future for greener climes. That is, until a very human-seeming robot grabs her hands and pulls her back further than she could have imagined.

For as long as she can remember, Norah Bernal has wondered how exactly she ended up alone in a field in an unknown city, watching the stars whirl overhead. As long as she can remember is only four years, though, as she has no memories from before that cold night.

When explosions rock her adopted city and classmate Casey tells her she might be a missing princess—an alien missing princess—this doesn’t exactly clear up the confusion. Soon Norah is being pulled into battles, dumped on rainy moons, and interrogated by living slabs of rock.

And Casey isn’t the only one interested in her missing past. Norah feels inexplicably drawn to green-haired alien Loren, who can’t even speak her language, let alone answer her deepest, most painful question.

Who am I?

Months after her return to the empire, Anutea is struggling with the realities of attempting to rule a galaxy fractured by civil war. Torn between memories of the past and a dark future, she sees no option but to reconquer her Empire–by force.

Loren, imprisoned by the same empire he helped to overthrow four years ago, plots his return by any means possible to the Alliance–but those he betrayed are not so ready to let him go.

Faced by the reality of Empress Anutea, Casilim-la buries his memories of another girl… one who seems to have disappeared forever. But when he is offered a perilous chance to return to his home planet, the consequences of his decision–and what he finds there–spin out far past Bolfenn.

It’s been six months since Anutéa unexpectedly released Loren back to the Cavaran Alliance and pledged to end her family’s thousand-year-dynasty. Peace is in the air, but not everyone is ready—or willing—to let go of the war they’ve been fighting for five years.

Separated from the others, Casilim-la spends exhausting days and nights trying to forget about the woman he loves… until a surprising invitation from an unexpected source forces him to face a past he’d rather bury.

It’s a universal truth that if you want peace, you must prepare for war. In a galaxy that’s been fighting for five years, can peace be made?



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