I still haven’t decided what to publish this year.

For the books in ready-to-revise status I’ve got:

  • Murah and Yuun’s story
  • Into the Grey
  • Mattrim and Eli’s story

In the ready-to-complete-draft status I’ve got:

  • A prequel to Bootstrap()
  • A what-if? prequel type of story to the 900 Trilogy: what if Loren and Casilim-la were less idiotic
  • Beyond the Grey

In the completely-brand-new-draft status I’ve got:

  • Island (completely re-writing this from scratch presently)
  • Valkyrie (needs to be completely re-written from scratch)

So obviously the last two lists are out, but anything from the first list is viable… it just isn’t calling to me. Y’know? I think part of the problem is that Murah/Yuun or Mattrim/Eli are going to be kind of hard sells. They’re standalone stories, but they’re set in the 900 Universe; Murah/Yuun is about an arranged political marriage; Mattrim/Eli is about a medieval society that gets overtaken by aliens. They’re like. They’re pretty niche.

So that leaves Into the Grey, which is a pretty plausible release for this year. Pros: it’s a fantasy, no sci-fi at all. It’s pretty fun to read. It’s extremely angsty. (Or is it just me who loves that in my sci-fi/fantasy?). Cons: the story is not complete. Beyond is drafted, but that’s it, and I’m always afraid that I’ll have to change something in a previous book to make a latter book work. The Grey series is going to be quite long, which makes the risk of retconning that much larger.

By Jade

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