Well, January is over and February begins! I’m sure you’ve read twelve million jokes by this point about how January lasts forever, so I’ll just share this poem–


It’s been a pretty good month for writing, a very good month for reading, and kind of a bad month for everything else. I got the flu, which kind of knocked my whole household out. My husband still has a cough, two weeks later.


Four books ahead of schedule! (Okay, so I read a lot of JAFF this month.) JAFF is the only thing Kindle will recommend to me these days! I think I’ve messed up my algorithm. I’ll have to read something completely different to try and skew it back into place.


This year, I’m going to try a new way to organize my writing: I’ll make a new file in 4thewords for each month, and track my wordcount that way. So: January: 18,613 words in 6 hours 37 minutes!

A bit more than 2,700 words per hour, which is not bad, really. At that rate I’ll cross 200,000 this year – which would be a dream! That’s two decent sized novels! I think my goal for February will be simply to write more (which might be hard, as there’s fewer days in February…)

Everything Else

I got the flu. Oh, and food poisoning. And my son had the flu, and my husband. Not much else to say here.

By Jade

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