First off the fun stuff. Character art!

This is Yuun Sar. He’s from a planet called Sarren-en, and is Sarren-en (kinda like Vulcans are from Vulcan).

This is Saia Moncar. She’s a half-Niptaean university student who answers a help wanted ad and ends up at the Imperial Palace. Poor kid.

Both Yuun and Saia are characters in the novel I’m working on as my first project for 2024, which is a sequel to Murah/Yuun/Euphi’s story (untitled space opera/romance). Yuun was, of course, in the previous novel as one half of the arranged marriage between Murah + Yuun, which was supposed to help resolve the longstanding interplanetary tensions between Sarren-en and Falthus. Which… sorta worked, I guess 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, as of today I’m at 10,098 words for the year. Woohoo! That brings me to a 60 day writing streak. I hope to keep it going all year, which would net be amount two novels worth of words.

As for reading, I’m 3 books completed so far with another two halfway done or more. And as for running, I’m at 41 kilometres! I know that a lot of people run more than 20km a week–I mean, even when I was doing my half marathon training last year, I averaged about 30. But it’s still an improvement from last November/December.

That’s it for this mini-update. Keep reading!



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