Well, it was definitely a productive year on the writing front. I’m definitely one of those people who likes to take stock of where they are at the end of the year and figure out where they want to be at the end of next year. (I’m also a committed New Years Resolutioner). I like doing taxes for the same reason. Yeah, you can make fun of me if you want 😅

Anyway, here’s my 1-2-3 of 2023!

1: Book Published

Of course my major accomplishment this year was Bootstrap().

People have been giving me really positive feedback about it (including some unexpected people). As for a sequel – I don’t think there will be one, but a prequel? Maybe. For last year’s 2022 NaNo, I wrote about 60% of a draft featuring none other than a much younger Dr Rolphus and a much-less-confident Raphael, in Winnipeg, of course. I still need to finish it up though 🤔

2: Drafts written

That’s right: two! My 2023 NaNo was a completed draft, and I also completed the first draft of Into The Grey. You guys will remember this one because I’ve been writing it for a bajillion years. Well, I’m now about 30,000 words into part two: Beyond The Grey. It’s turning into very, very, very traditional high fantasy. Well, it’s fun to write, what can I say? 🤷‍♀️

Between my fantasy 2023 NaNo and Into The Grey, I’ve actually written more fantasy this year than sci-fi.

3: Possible projects for 2024

Okay, so this is where I’m at a major loss. I have no idea what to focus on for 2024. Since 2021 I’ve published one novel every year, and that’s a pretty good trend, so I’d like to keep it going. That said there are a few options:

  1. Mattrim/Eli/Lhînir’s story (as-yet-unfinalized title) : This is sci-fi with a very soft fantasy influence. Mattrim and Eli live in a medieval type of world, which is suddenly subject to a hostile takeover by an alien species. Set in the 900 universe. Soft sci fi/romance.
  2. Murah/Yuun/Euphi’s story (also not titled yet): Set in the 900 universe. Can you tell that I have a lot of space opera stories in me to tell? Lol. The story of Murah and Yuun, who are forced into an arranged political marriage when drama ensues. I’m being a little facetious because this is one of my favourite stories that I’ve ever written, ever. Soft sci-fi/space opera/romance.
  3. Into The Grey. I think it’s ready for prime time, guys! Well – it needs some editing, of course, like anything else. The story of the Isle of Avalon, five hundred years after the death of Arthur, and a deadening grey mist that rots you from the inside if you breathe it. High fantasy.

I’m sure one of them will suggest itself to me for 2024. In the meantime, I’m writing a sequel to Murah/Yuun/Euphi’s story (I’m not quite ready to let go of Murah and Yuun yet), and of course Beyond. Lots to work on! Bring on 2024!

By Jade

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