Something I’ve been playing around with a lot (as you probably know, if you’ve been reading my blog) is creating concept images for the scenes in what I’m writing. I’ve been writing for about twenty years and, you know, not to go all Grandpa Simpson on you, but back in my day if we wanted art we had to draw it ourselves. Weird and awkward, that was how we liked our concepts back then.


These days of course you can use an AI, like Dall-e or, to generate concept art for you. And I do! Because it’s great!

So here’s a few of the places my 2023 NaNo is currently exploring.

First off is an underground cavern system. A natural series of caves deep in the northern wildness has been expanded and enhanced for nefarious purposes.

Next is the ancient ruins of the humans. Long ago, the humans could dream and build, reaching higher in the sky than they can even imagine, now. But that was long ago, and now the fae rule.

Third is a strange, bright blue mushroom in the remote woods… and another one far to the north. The mushrooms form a trail, going perfectly from south to north.

And last is the laboratory hidden deep within the underground caverns where fae scientists struggle to understand why the magic is fading… and how to bring it back to bright, vivid life.

Happy writing!

By Jade

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