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Thought I’d write up a quick update about where I am, one week in. I went into this year’s NaNoWriMo completely blank: I only had one key scene, inspired by this picture on Pinterest:


By the way, never underestimate the power of browsing Pinterest for inspiration!

Armed with this scene in mind, I set off with:

  • No characters
  • No character names
  • No plot
  • No conflict

And so far I’m 11,000 words in!

So what has my mind crafted in the absence of any direction? Most of my first ten thousand words has been used to introduce three new characters. I often use this three character structure, you may have noticed: two characters in close proximity, and one who is, both emotionally and physically, far away. I used it with The Nine Hundred Golden Suns, of course (Casey/Norah; and then far away, Loren). Three main characters makes a nice, unsteady trio: they can play off each other, drive one another, and keep secrets from one another.

So, Point-Of-View Character #1: Mirebelle!

A human woman from a small village. Just like every fantasy hero(ine) ever, her small village gets invaded by the enemy: in this case, the fae. But the fae aren’t a bunch of bloodthirsty orcs, trolls or goblins. In fact, the fae are…

Point-Of-View Character #2: Mhaegrim!

Scientists! (Well, not all of them). Mhaegrim is the newest Junior Exploratory Myrcellist, wandering the Northern wilds in search of mushrooms and fungi to be used for potions and alchemy. But she stumbled upon a certain strange blue mushroom, one that…

Point-Of-View Character #3: Solin!

A reluctant soldier, Solin was exiled from his clan when he rebelled against the strict teachings of the Magi and decided to find our for himself why the magic of the world (the vais) was fading every year. However, the same fae Magi that banished him are the ones who have invaded Mirebelle’s tiny hamlet…

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