Sop, remember last week I said that you DON’T need a routine? You can write anywhere – cellphone, laptop, car, office break, whatever?

That’s all true, and I do it. But that said – I am lucky enough to have my own office at home, and I really like to take advantage of that during NaNo to motivate the heck out of myself. If you have an office or even a desk of your own, I highly encourage you to try some of the following:


  1. If it helps you to see visual progress, use the printable progress sheet I posted a few weeks ago.
  2. If you’ve ever won NaNo before, put up some of your Winner’s Certificates.

Enthusiate (which ought to be a word)

This is my NaNo binder. It was one of those old day planners, that I thought looked pretty nice, and it’s made a great place to collect all the ephemera I’ve collected over the last eighteen years of writing.

And how do you collect this ephemera? Mostly by donating. If you donate at least $10 to the Nonprofit, you get a bookmark and a sticker; $25 gets you a wristband too. If you wait ’til the first weekend of the month (I usually forget…) for can get the $25 rewards for $10.

Back before about 2015 they used to hand-sign the bookmarks/postcards. I always wondered how early in the year they had to start…


  1. Join your local writers group on the NaNo website
  2. Attend a write in, or a virtual write-in
  3. Find a local writer’s group on Facebook or your social media platform of choice
  4. The more people around you are writing, the more infectious the group energy will be (scientific fact™)

Tomorrow’s Halloween – NaNo will kick off at midnight! Are you getting excited yet? I sure am!

By Jade

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