It’s the end of of last week of prep! Let’s review the topics we covered before next week the big event starts for real. Getting excited yet?

On Monday, I wrote up a primer on the differences between – and strengths and weaknesses of – the Plotting, Pantsing, and Plantsing methods of prepping.

On Tuesday, we had A Word on Rewards. The word is always give yourself a reward.

Wednesday was the important (or lack thereof?) of a routine; and Thursday was, of course, a sheer diatribe about editing.

No that you’ve got some rewards ready, no routine to speak of, and you’ve killed your inner editor – you’re just about ready to go! Enjoy the last writing-free weekend before NaNoWriMo!

(By the way, I always get this song stuck in my head when I use the word “round up”. Lol).

By Jade

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