As I wrap up the first week of our NaNoWriMo preparation series, it’s a good time to pause and reflect on the strategies we’ve covered.

First, crafting a strategy for daily and cumulative word count targets is essential. But what will really get you through this demanding month is unwavering consistency and a deep-rooted motivation.

Deciding on a genre is another piece of the puzzle. The literary landscape is vast, brimming with a variety of genres, each with its distinct attributes. While numerous factors guide my choice, staying true to my passion has always yielded the best results.

I’ve also found value in the “Key Scenes” approach to storytelling. By focusing on pivotal moments—imagining them, jotting them down, and weaving them together—I’ve been able to lay down a solid foundation for my narrative. This method has not only streamlined my writing process but also helped me craft stories that are cohesive and engaging.

Lastly, the setting isn’t just a backdrop for the narrative—it’s almost another main character. From the tangible environment to the array of emotions it can evoke, a well-crafted setting can have a profound impact on readers.

To help wrap-up all four of these key points for you NaNo, I’ve prepared the following printable sheet to guide decisions as you make them. Happy writing!

By Jade

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