As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been working quite a bit on this novella that (probably?) none of you will ever read. C’est la vie. But I’ve been feeling a bit conflicted about it–

What’s the point of writing something no-one else will read?

I’m wasting my time

I should be focusing on editing and/or adding to Beyond the Grey and/or revising At The Edge Of Your Star or or or…

You know? That sort of constant, low-key background radiation of self-doubt?

So I went out to an online writing group and asked them, and the feedback was something I’m going to try and remind myself of every single day.

I am taking this advice, by the way–all of it–because I really am enjoying what I’ve been writing. It feels… good, to write without that little voice in the back of my mind saying “will other people like this? Would other people buy this?”

Incidentally, I’ve gotten so much very positive feedback about Bootstrap(), and that was something I wrote purely because I wanted to. I just really wanted a novel about a girl and a time-travelling kleptomaniac robot. That wasn’t exactly a whole genre you could just go out and grab at Chapters, you know? And I always get the best words out of the stuff I’m writing honestly.

Even if it’s about time travelling robots.

By Jade

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