Ah, writer’s block – the age-old nemesis of every writer, from budding novelists to seasoned journalists. It’s that frustrating wall we sometimes hit, where words refuse to flow and ideas seem out of reach. If you’ve ever stared at a blank screen, wondering if you’ll ever write another sentence, you’re not alone. Let’s dive into understanding this phenomenon and explore strategies to conquer it.

Understanding Writers Block

What is it, really? At its core, writer’s block is a period of stagnation, a creative dry spell where starting or continuing to write feels near impossible.

Busting Myths: No, it doesn’t mean you’ve run out of ideas forever, nor does it indicate a lack of talent. It’s a temporary setback.

Why does it happen? Causes can range from external pressures and fear of criticism to personal burnout or overwhelming perfectionism. Personally, I find it strikes worse during times of extreme stress – I didn’t write anything other than a just-over-the-finish-line NaNo during all of 2020.

Strategies for Breaking Through

Brute Force!

Sometimes, the best approach is the simplest. Sit down, set a timer, and write – even if it’s just gibberish initially. It’s akin to warming up before a workout. While the first few stretches might feel tough, soon, the body acclimates. Similarly, the writing might start flowing if you just persevere.


Ever wonder why some of your best ideas occur in the shower? There’s science behind it! The relaxation that warm water induces, coupled with the sensory deprivation, allows the brain to wander creatively. So, next time you’re stuck, hop in the shower.

Taking Walks!

There’s magic in moving. A simple stroll in the park or a brisk walk in your neighborhood can work wonders. Not only does the physical movement boost endorphins (happy chemicals), but the change of scenery can provide a fresh perspective or inspiration. Observe the world around you: the rustling leaves, overheard conversations, or even the pattern of clouds. They could be the muse you were looking for.

Reading for Inspiration!

When words fail you, turn to those of others. Delving into a book not only offers an escape but can also light the creative spark within. Don’t just stick to your preferred genres; sometimes, reading something different can offer a fresh perspective or introduce you to a new style. Analyze the author’s technique, see how they craft their sentences, or handle dialogues. Learn and be inspired.

Additional Tips

Setting a Routine: While creativity is often romanticized as a whimsical muse, discipline plays a crucial role. Setting a regular writing time, creating a conducive environment, and minimizing distractions can make a world of difference. I write every morning at 6am – before anyone else in the family can wake up and interrupt 😉

Seeking Feedback: Talk about your block with fellow writers, friends, or family. A fresh perspective or a simple brainstorming session might be all you need to get back on track.

Writer’s block, though daunting, is a phase – not a permanent fixture. Like every challenge, it demands patience, resilience, and a touch of self-compassion. Every writer, from J.K. Rowling to Ernest Hemingway, has faced this block and emerged victorious. And so will you. Until then, happy writing and here’s to hoping your next bout of inspiration is just a shower away!

By Jade

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