Lately I’ve been playing around with AI art tools to create some character concept art. I’ve always had vague ideas of how all of my characters should look, but I’m absolutely no artist: my sketches look like something a monkey on acid might produce.

Well, okay, I guess I can come up with a mean stick-figure. That’s not nothing, right?

Anyway, being able to get some basically-correct character art generated has been an absolute creative boon. If you’ve never tried it for your own writing/characters, you should! I use because it’s easy, but I’ve seen other people use Dall-E or Midjourney. Dall-E, for me, always generates things that are more on the acid scale, and Midjourney, I’m not ashamed to admit it, I can’t figure out how to use Discord.

Lately I’ve been working on generating Anutéa, Loren, and Casilim-la, prior to the Massey Insurrection. I’ve actually been writing about prior to the Massey Insurrection as well!–a sort of what-if, Alternate Universe thing. What if Loren had been slightly less of a dick, and Casilim-la had been slightly less wrapped up in the security blanket of his own inferiority? What if?

So remember–this is PRE-Rebellion, when Anutéa is preoccupied with Loren, Loren is preoccupied with the obvious signs of Imperial decay, and Casilim-la is preoccupied with ignoring that decay as much as he can.


By Jade

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