That’s how that saying goes, right?

It was a good month, chugging along the old daily grind šŸš‚


  • Obviously, releasing Bootstrap()! Lookit those stars!
  • The writing competition in Winchester, which I wrote about here

I had a pretty enjoyable month on the reading front, too. This month I finished Ecclesiastes: Life in a Fallen World; The Chrysalids; Doctor’s Orders (Star Trek); and The Motion Picture Novelization (also Trek). You can probably tell I’m on a bit of a vintage sci fi bend at the moment. I always enjoy anything by Wyndham, of course (he’s so much fun to read!) but the old Trek novels, man, I used to spend hours reading them as a kid. The Ecclesiastes commentary was good, but I was looking for a little bit more meat. And by meat, I mean long in-depth discussions on Greek tenses, y’know. As one does.

Works in Progress

Kinda just chugging along on Euphi/Murah/Yuun’s story. I’ve added (drumroll please) about 13,000 words this month, which isn’t bad (considering I give it about half an hour a day, lol). It’s now at 40,000; a respectable total considering I’ve still no idea where this story is going. It’s like Cinderella? In space? With a lot of backstabbing murdering business? I dunno. I’m starting to consider that Euphi might not even end up marrying any of these poor shmucks she’s had shipped halfway across the galaxy to compete for her hand, either. Honestly, the nerve of some of these space princesses. Who do they think they are?!

No editing progress at all this month (well, unless you count Bootstrap(), which I do). Did I mention it’s available to read now? And, I might be a teensy bit biased, but it’s fantabulous. So you should read it.

Goals for May

I’m very much hoping May brings a bit more garden time, sunshine, and chances to lounge about outside with vintage sci fi. Here’s hoping! But other than that…

  1. Add another 15k on to Murah and Yuun and Euphi: A Cinderella Story
    • no I’m not really calling it that
  2. So I have this other idea for a novel…

…Yeah, pretty much that. It’s actually not new, like, I dreamt this up back in 2020 when I was really obsessed with this song, ’39. (Did you know Queen has a super amazing song about time dilation? No? You’re in for a treat!)

It’s not my usual thing at all though, it would be pretty hard sci fi (as you can maybe tell from the whole time dilation inspiration). But still character driven. Character driven hard sci fi. Huh, a girl can really reach for the stars, hey?

So maybe… maybe draft something about that?


By the by, Onedrive reminded me today that I got this piece of artwork two years ago today. Remember this beautiful thing?

By Jade

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