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With stops in the Winnipeg of 2012, rural France of 1816, and finally an Italian villa circa 1806, protagonist Claire Bellamy searches for a way back home to 2197.

All that’s stopping her is the super-weird (and maybe a little kleptomanic?) bio-bot she picked up along the way.

  • Current status: querying
  • ETA: unknown

Loyalty: Book Two of the Nine Hundred Golden Suns

Months after her return to the Empire, Anutea struggles with the realities of attempting to rule a galaxy fractured by civil war. Torn between memories of the past (to her, mere moments gone) and a dark future, she sees no option but to reconquer her Empire–by force.

When Casilim-la is offered a chance to return to his home planet and end the blockade, the consequences of his decision spin out far past Bolfenn.

  • Current status: Alpha reading
  • ETA: Summer 2021

Planet XC-edry-3

A prequel to The Nine Hundred Golden Suns trilogy.

It’s a class-3 civilization: some metallurgy and stoneworks; populated by groups organized into small fiefs and kingdoms. A standard pre-industrial feudal society.

Until the Empire comes.

  • Current status: Beta reading
  • ETA: Winter 2021

Into the Grey

RIANN is a knight with a secret.

SIERRA is a woman with a secret.

ELISABETTA is a woman without any secrets, actually. Fancy that.

  • Current status: Drafting
  • ETA: unknown