First draft of INTO THE GREY complete

I just want to sit here and type I DID IT I DID IT about a hundred times 😅

It. took. YEARS to get through that draft. I started just over two years ago – February 26, 2021! Hard to believe! In that time I’ve published three novels (lookin’ at you, trilogy) and am about to publish BOOSTRAP() (just one more month!).

I wrote the first draft of IDENTITY in 2017, and released it in 2021… four years.

First draft of BOOTSTRAP() in 2019, and released it in 2023… four years.

Following that trend it’ll be 2027 (!) before INTO THE GREY is born into the world. I hope I can manage to trim a few words from it in the meanwhile; did you notice it’s currently one hundred forty two thousand words long?! It kills me. I don’t know how I’m going to revise it. I secretly love it while being simultaneous terrified. I mean, IDENTITY was only about 95,000… and it was not easy to revise.

Plus, y’know, the story isn’t done. At least two more books, I’m thinking, to fully tell Riann, Elisabetta, Damon, and Sierra’s story… and uncover the mystery of what’s happening on the fateful isle of Avalon. Oooh. I’m excited to discover what happens in the next book already 🤩

Let’s explore~

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