April Progress/May Goals

Have to open with this of course:

Although ack-shu-a-ly April was an amazingly busy month, reading-and-writing-wise. Other than Sacrifice, I:

  • added 11,297 words to Into the Grey (current total; 99,150)
  • started publishing AT THE EDGE OF OUR STAR on Wattpad
  • started trying to build actual engagement with baby steps on Facebook:
Yes I know this is a baby infant goal (a fetus of a goal) but ya gotta start somewhere
  • Ran the giveaway for Identity which ended with 3242 (!) entrants and six winners (copies are on their way!)
    See my evil plan at work to get more reviews muahahaha
  • Adopted this cuddly panther
I guess he doesn’t have much to do with writing, but he is awfully cute


  • keep adding to Into the Grey (I would dearly love to manage to add another 30k words this month… 1k per day keeps the, um, doctor away?)
  • work on the hardcopy complete collection of the trilogy (I have this idea of publishing the whole thing as one illustrated hardcover)
  • one chapter per week of At The Edge Of Our Star! I’m enjoying this Wattpad experiment. The daily tag rankings are addictive
  • Keep building engagement on Facebook (can I manage 1000 reach? That would be good!)

Oh, and shoutout to my friend Crow who published her first book in April! Congratulations!

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