Loyalty revisions & progress

So, last month I tentatively set June 30th as the drop date for Loyalty. I don’t know why exactly–but I needed a date to work around, and June 30th was as good as any.

To meet that deadline, I worked backwards: I’d need to send out to ARC readers in late May/early June. I’d need to get it professionally edited (I am not going through self-editing again). I’d need to have the final-final2-final.docx done mid-May for editing. I’d need to complete beta reads early May for revisions.

Well, my 3rd beta reader just completed her read through!

Oh man 🚀

Okay they’re mostly comments, and great comments, like:


Ah, joy.

Combining this with my other feedback, I think I have a game plan–add one more Loren scene (seriously, I’ve revised his portions about twice as much as the others!) , add a scene with [redacted] and [redacted], make a couple small additions and changes, and ship it (to editing, anyway). I’m quite certain I can have this done for the end of next week, which keeps me on track for June 30th.

Oh, one more thing I need to do to hit that date: finalize the Sacrifice prologue so I can include it as a preview! That was super fun last time. Right now I suspect it’s a bit too short at only 2400 words.

Since writing the above I’ve added 2000 words to the prologue! Now it might be a tad long…

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